Belleville Psychologist

Adult Services

An individual may find themselves turning to therapy for a number of reasons.
No matter what the reason is for choosing psychotherapy, you will find a safe, supportive environment where you can discuss your difficulties with a professional who will not judge, but is motivated to assist you in overcoming your specific life challenges.

Our practitioners provide assessment of mental health difficulties, which may have arisen after a specific trauma, such as a major accident or other life event, or which arise out of longer standing personal or interpersonal difficulties.

The specific focus of an assessment may include diagnosing a mental health problem, identifying a person’s intellectual profile (including the presence of a specific learning disability) or identifying a specific difficulty in how the person relates to other people. Through assessment, an appropriate plan of action can be determined, allowing you to gain greater control of your life and move forward.

We will work with you on the most appropriate treatment intervention to address any identified needs. This may take the form of a specifically tailored psychotherapy, and/or the development of coping strategies and therapeutic tools. In the case of learning, cognitive or attention/organization problems, our practitioners may recommend the use of the Cogmed Working Memory Training Program.

Our practitioners work with a wide range of difficulties, including:
Mood disorders, stress, anxiety / panic, depression, anger issues, phobias, substance abuse, alcoholism, trauma (PTSD), adjustment to major life events, bereavement, acquired brain injury, eating disorders, early onset dementia, intellectual disabilities, self-esteem, assertiveness, relationship difficulties, sexuality issues, adjustment to health issues and chronic illness, pain management, emotional regulation issues, personality disorders, divorce and separation issues, career problems, abuse.